How Do Ascent Summit Control Access Control Systems Work?

What Is Ascent?

Ascent is a line of cellular access control systems designed and manufactured by Secure Brands Inc. The Ascent family of products is powered by integrated Summit Control, which allows you to interconnect all your Ascent units to create a large network of systems and manage them from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

What is Summit Control?

Summit Control is a cloud-based administration and control software integrated into every Ascent unit. This innovative software gives you superior control, automatically updates the latest software, and is user-friendly. Summit Control securely handles communication between all your Ascent units. Set up a Summit Control account online or through the app and add all your units using their serial and SIM card numbers. Like a phone plan, you add each unit to your account and pay for a plan. Plan payments depend on the application, number of units, users, and other comparable features.

Ascent Summit Control Feature Control Methods

  • App: Turn your phone into a remote with the easy-to-use downloadable smartphone app.
  • Text: Text a command to the unit and receive a prompt response.
  • Voice: Call the unit and follow the automated prompts to control your unit.
  • Keypad: Manage thousands of codes remotely and efficiently.
  • Call Button: Use the intercom to call phone numbers in the directory.
  • Directory Call: Dial directly or choose a resident to call from the saved list.
  • Wiegand Devices: Connect keypads and card readers to your main unit with the integrated Wiegand protocol.

Ascent Summit Control Smart Features

  • Ascent Link: Perform access control tasks from your smart devices by downloading the app and creating a network of systems.
  • 4G LTE: Ascent units utilize the speed and reliability of the 4G LTE network to make calls to cellular devices.
  • HD Camera Some Ascent models have an HC camera that allows for automatic and on-demand photos upon someone's arrival for additional safety and convenience.
  • LBAC: With Location-Based Access Control, you can ensure those with access are within range before opening the gate or door.

Ascent Access Control Models

There are four main types of Ascent cellular access control systems: telephone entry, multi-tenant, multi-door, and keys and card readers. Common features of these units include Summit Control, two-relay control, up to 10,000 app, text, and voice users, advanced timers, status/event push notifications, advanced auditing, “Do Not Disturb” mode, and much more. You can explore the individual features of each unit by selecting an Ascent system below.

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