Where is Security Brands (Formerly Known as American Access) Based Out Of?

First Keypad And Intercom

Security Brands, which used to be known as American Access, is in Garland, Texas, and is a brand that specializes in wireless keypads, intercoms, cameras, and software. This brand is known for putting quality first and aims to create lifelong customers. But you may wonder, “What is the history behind Security Brands?” Well, it is a long and prosperous history that began in 1979.

What Are The Beginnings Of Security Brands?

Security Brands began in 1979 with Don Allen creating a keypad and intercom in the same box for a close friend. Hence, American Access was born. After this, in 1984, American Access was incorporated with American Access Systems, Inc (AAS). Once this partnership began, American Access created innovations with keypads, including the Advantage DKLP, one of the first low-powered keypads available. This keypad allowed for use with solar applications. AAS also came out with the first-ever wireless telephone entry system in the 2000s, the PhoneAire.

Summit Control Logos

When did Security Brands, Inc. acquire American Access Systems?

In 2012, AAS was renamed to Security Brands, Inc. (SBI). With this purchase, two brands, Summit Access Control, and Kodiak Black, were added to the product line. In 2014, the new Ascent X1, a cellular telephone entry system, was created along with Summit Control software so users could control their gates from anywhere. This system is still popular today.

Did AAS Used To Be Located In Colorado?

AAS used to be based in Colorado, but in 2019, the company was moved to the Dallas, Texas, area. That same year, a new mobile administrator app was added to the mix, creating an easier way to control keypads. After this, in 2022, SBI took the time to redesign the entire Summit Control software, allowing for new features that could further push the boundaries of access control.

Where Is Security Brands, Inc. Going In The Future?

SBI is always creating history, so they constantly look for ways to change the access control game and offer customers the best possible products at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for Bluetooth, cellular, or any other access control device, SBI has everything you need to secure your gate or door. Find all their products below: