What Does American-Made Access Control Mean?

Shop American Access Products - Proudly Made In The USA From Global Materials

American Access Systems and Security Brands, Inc. has been the leader in producing revolutionary and customer-focused automatic gate control equipment since 1986. Their attention to detail and quality products is why Shop American Access proudly distributes its products to our customers. With a wide assortment of cell phone, stand-alone, multi-door, and smart access gate systems, it is easy to find the perfect gate access system for your needs.

Quality Sourcing and Manufacturing Equals A Great Product

A conscious effort is made to source as many product materials within the United States as possible. When domestic availability is impossible, a vetted global partner is used instead. Most of the manufacturing and fabrication of each product is done in-house at the company’s headquarters in Garland, Texas. All quality control and test assembly are done in-house to ensure customers receive the best product possible.

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Need Help Choosing An Access System?

Whether you need a Firebox, Stand-Alone System, or Replacement Keypad, one of our helpful sales representatives is always available to assist you with product selection and ordering questions.

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