What Is A Knox Box?

Keep your building up to code by installing one of our durable and reliable Knox Boxes today. A Knox Box is a specific box installed on the outside of schools, offices, and other buildings that holds a universal key that will open any door or gate at that facility.

Fire Access Stations

You will not need to worry about this important key being stolen or misused. This box is only used by police or the fire department in cases of emergency. The rest of the time, the box is securely locked with a specific Knox Box lock. We do not offer this lock; you will need to purchase it directly through knoxbox.com. They will be able to specially code your lock to match the key that is held by your local fire and police department.

In many cities, these boxes are a mandatory safety requirement, so please check with your local city to know what is required. Contact one of our helpful sales representatives if you have any questions about Knox Boxes or any fire access station.

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