Using Solar Power for Automatic Gate Access Controls

Solar Panel for Access Gate

We offer an extensive selection of solar-friendly gate access control products that can fit the needs of any customer. Installing an automatic gate can be stressful, especially if you do not already have an established power source. Have the added security, curb appeal, and convenience of an automatic gate without the hassle. Solar gate systems are easy to install and can be installed almost anywhere.

What is a Solar Gate?

A solar gate is an automatic gate powered by the sun. Unlike other gate systems that run on an electrical power source like batteries or direct lines, solar gate systems use solar panels to convert sunlight into sustainable electricity to operate the gate.

Installation Versatility

Without a direct power source, solar gates are ideal for a wide range of installation locations. Whether you have a residential, commercial, rural, or industrial property, a solar gate system can fit your specific needs. If a solar panel can be installed with access to direct sunlight, then a solar gate can be installed.

The Benefits of Solar Gate Access

There are many benefits to having solar-powered gate access. For one, it is an easy and efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint with the added perk of lowering your electric bill every month. Solar-friendly gate systems also allow you to install your gate even in the most remote areas with no direct power source nearby, making it a great option for our customers who have ranches or farms. Finally, solar gate systems give you the peace of mind that your gate will work even when the power goes out.

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