Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore common questions about Secure Brand and Summit Control access systems and find the answer to your access control system inquiry or issue.

What are 4G LTE access control systems?

4G LTE access control systems are units that run on the 4G LTE network. The latest Ascent models are 4G LTE and are often referred to as “cellular," as they can receive app, text, and voice commands and send notifications to users' smart devices.

How to install a unit with an existing gate operator system?

You can install a unit with an existing gate opener system. We highly recommend ensuring adequate shielded, stranded wiring for the best experience. Installation with solid core wiring is more likely to result in malfunction.

Does a cell phone need the same network as my Ascent unit?

No. Any cell phone or smart device on any network will allow for text and voice control. Your personal cellular carrier does not matter. You can even control your gate or door from a landline.

Do I have to buy a SIM card?

You do NOT have to buy a SIM card for your access control unit. Each unit is sold with a preinstalled SIM card. You can choose between an AT&T or Verizon SIM card; then, during Installation and activation, your SIM card is configured to work with your unit. Note: you will not receive a discount if you provide your own SIM card.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to a plan for my access control system?

To subscribe or unsubscribe from a cellular service plan for your access control system, sign into your Summit Control Account. Then click “Billing," which can be found in the Dashboard. Cancel or adjust your plan as needed.

Summit Control Account Log In
Summit Control Account Dashboard

How do I get cellular service for my access control system?

During installation, confirm the installer has created an account for you or create an account through Summit Control. Follow along to set up a cellular service plan for your access control system. You will need the device's SIM card and serial numbers. There are various plans to choose from based on your needs and service availability.

  1. Sign in/Sign up
  2. Click Summit Control
  3. Fill out information about the location of your access control system.
  4. Register your device.
  5. Return to Dashboard.
  6. Check SIM card status by clicking “Check Status" followed by the phone icon.
  7. Click the “Offline" button twice to change the status to Connected, then Online.
Summit Control Access Control Service Set Up

Will the call button only call a cell phone?

The call button on any access control system can call any valid phone number you have programmed into the unit's system. If you program a landline phone number into the unit, the call button can call the landline number.

Why is there a monthly cost?

The monthly cost covers the use of the cellular network, action gateways, and secure Summit Control servers. Maintenance, development, and tech support costs are also included to ensure the best customer service should you encounter an issue with your unit.