Cellular and Bluetooth Access Control System Features

Controlling your gate today is much easier than it was twenty years ago. With the rise of cellular and Bluetooth technology, cellular access controls now have all new features that make securing a gate faster and more efficient.

A cellular gate entry system works by setting up a relay when activated from a cellular device. This relay causes the gate to either open or lock.

Learn more about some features from the most innovative models.

Cellular Access Control Features

The Ascent, a line from the American-made Security Brands Inc, is one popular choice for gate control. Some models offer rugged construction to deter vandalism; others contain an HD camera for photos of individuals entering a gate. All ascent models can be controlled by a handy app on your cellular phone or your desktop. Depending on the use case, one model may have more of the features you are looking for than another. The Ascent features various series that all offer unique features.

Cellular Multi-Tenant Entry System
Ascent C Cellular Controller
Ascent K2 Summit Control

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Ascent C Series

This series of the Ascent helps control access to a business or any commercial space. These units are created with durable IP65-rated polycarbonate enclosures with a holiday and special event-timer. Ten thousand apps, text, and voice users can exist in this system, and best of all, with a 4G LTE cellular network, you can control the C series from anywhere in the world!

Ascent K Series

The K series is best for use with a proximity card reader. The HD camera allows for still photos of individuals and can even grant them access. The attached keypad lets users input a personalized code for exit and entry.

Ascent X Series

Like the K series, the Ascent X series has an attached keypad and HD camera. With the included keypad, people attempting to access the gate can dial a chosen phone number by pressing a call button, allowing communication from your gate to anywhere. The Ascent X2 even has Amazon Alexa® integration.

Ascent M Series

Best for use in large apartment buildings, the Ascent M series can house multiple tenants in one device. Individuals can walk up to the entry system and call the tenant they are attempting to reach. The included 7-inch backlit full-color LCD screen helps users find a tenant quickly.

Standard Features Of All Ascent Models

While all ascent models offer various features, some common ones exist.

All Ascent Models Feature:

  • 4G LTE Cellular Technology
  • Control of At Least 1 Gate Or Door (Many Models Offer Relays For 2 Gates Or Doors)
  • Most Can Store Up To 10,000 App, Text, And Voice Users

Edge E3 Bluetooth Smart Controller
Edge E4 Bluetooth Smart Controller
Edge E2 Bluetooth Smart Controller

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Edge Smart Access Control Bluetooth Devices

If a system that works on 4G LTE cellular technology is not what you are looking for, you can still have the advantage of an app or desktop control with Bluetooth connectivity. The Edge, a smart access control system, has multiple devices that offer everything from stainless steel faceplates to a Secura Key proximity reader.

Edge E1

The Edge E1 series has a smart, LED-backlit keypad that is easy to see during the day and night. The app allows you to control and manage the keypad from your handheld device.

Edge E2

This series works with a HID® ProxPoint® Plus proximity reader to keep your entryway secure no matter the day or time. With a stainless-steel faceplate and powder-coated steel enclosure, it’s a tough access control with all the features you need to secure your gate.

Edge E3

If you need a card reader and smart keypad in an all-in-one unit, the Edge E3 is the access control that does it all. This unit allows individuals to input a code or use a keycard to access your gate. Of course, this device can also be controlled from a mobile device through the provided app.

Edge E4

One of the most durable units, the Edge E4 is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure and allows for two relays. This unit is post-mounted, making it difficult to interfere with the controller.

All Edge Models Have:

  • Two Relays
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Can Be Controlled From Mobile App

Whether choosing LTE or Bluetooth connectivity for gate access, these units can be controlled from a mobile app or desktop. If you’re unsure about the correct model for your residential or commercial needs, our helpful sales representatives can direct you toward the right unit.

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