Access Control with Cellular App, Text, Voice, and Calling Capabilities

cellular multi-tenant system

Have the freedom to open and close your gate system without physically having to be on location with the addition of a cellular access control system. Unlike older models, these modern-day control systems allow you to fully operate your automatic gate system anywhere in the world with the use of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Most of our cellular gate access control systems are capable of controlling one or two doors. This paired with their cellular abilities makes them the ideal system for large tenant buildings like offices, apartment complexes, and gated communities. People approaching the gate only have to punch in the desired resident and the control system will then issue a call to the selected individual so they can approve or deny access, all through their cell phone.

These systems are simple to install and easy to use, having a gate operator system has never been so carefree. Made from high-quality materials they are built to withstand both natural and man-made wear and tear.


  • Up to 10,000 apps, text, and voice users
  • Rollover calling up to 3 phone numbers per user
  • 7 day timer
  • Holiday timer
  • "Do Not Disturb" mode
  • Easy set up
  • Durable exterior

To upgrade your control system to the 21st century and make granting access to guests as simple as a push of a button, view our wide selection of cellular gate access control systems today.

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