How to Open a Gate with a Phone

Electric Gate App On Phone

With the rise of technology, opening your gate by phone is easier than ever. American-made Security Brands, Inc. is the leader in offering the latest apps and technology for their gate access systems. The two most popular series of systems include the Ascent and Edge models. Both these units can be controlled by phone. The only difference is whether you would prefer a Bluetooth or 4G-Network connection.

How Do I Use My Cellular Phone To Control My Electric Gate?

For Ascent Security Access Models

Whether you use the Apple Store or Google Play, it is easy to download the app for your security access system; go onto the designated store on your cellular phone, look for Summit Control 2.0, and press install.

This app offers advanced features such as a simple slide to open and latch button, photo capture (depending on if your security access system has a camera), and combines all your Ascent security access systems in one place.

This app was built from the ground up based on user feedback and has a dark and light mode.

For Edge Security Access Models

If you have an Edge series access device, choose the Apple or Google Play store and look for Edge Smart Keypad. This app has a unique slide to open or latch button, allowing you to set relays, control an automatic timer, or make new keypad codes. And the best part is that this app works as a remote control for your gate!

What Is The Difference Between Ascent And Edge Security Access Models

While both models offer some of the same features, Edge devices only work with Bluetooth and are great for remote areas where a 4G LTE cellular network may not be accessible. On the other hand, Ascent devices connect to the 4G network and can be operated from anywhere. If you have internet service on your phone, you can control the gate from anywhere in the world!

There are various devices in each series, so you can find anything from proximity readers, HD cameras, or heavy-duty keypads. Plus, with the mobile apps above, it’s easy to control your access security keypad with the touch of your cellular screen.

If you have any additional questions about the Ascent or Edge line of access control systems, please contact our sales representatives today.

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